Monday, May 17, 2010


When you hear the word, "rhodies" - I know, you immediately think of "roadies" - groupies.
Well, now that I actually think about it - maybe my mom and I are "groupies"; groupies for rhodies. We're always hangin' around rhodies and other beautiful flowers.

Flower afficionados call rhododendrens "rhodies" for short. And rhododendrens are a colorful variety of flower that flourishes in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, there is a town in Oregon by the name of Rhododendren.

On a recent trip to Oregon to visit my mom we stopped by the Crystal Springs Rhododendren Gardens in Eastmoreland neighborhood of Southeast Portland.

God or Mother Nature must love mothers, because the climax of color is during Mother's Day. So May is the perfect time to visit this photographers paradise.

There are 2500 different kinds of rhododendrens at Crystal Springs and numerous varieties of azaleas; a kind of little sister to the rhododendren. The gardens are situated on nearly 10 acres with trails, ponds, and an interpretive center and plenty of wildlife and waterfowl. Open seven days a week, the admission is $3. Tuesdays are free.

Crystal Springs Rhododendren Garden
S.E. 28th & Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR

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